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This is not a photo to show with 2 facing spreads but a book to show one photo.
What is the experience of seeing a single photo?
Human vision is wide, even if you are trying to see a piece, you are watching that one,
including those around you.
I tried not to be conscious of the existence of surroundings as much as possible and to face one photo.
As a result, this book turns the page toward the upper left.
Without changing the position of the head and the position of the line of sight, it is possible to turn over to the end even if you are focusing and seeing the photo.
Regarding editing books, I do not think about arranging something in order, so the order is 1000 parts in all.
I think that photographs are barely copies in front of the eyes, so when I made a book I should have bundled the photos.
An elaborate copy of what I and you ought to be aware of is somewhere close to what you actually see.
I think that it is a photograph.

これはつまり一冊ごとの写真の構成がバラバラになり、各冊それぞれが、見る側に違う印象を付与する可能性が生まれる のではないか、と考えました。
丹念に一枚一枚見るという行為を単純にした結果出来上がった束が、 'photocopy'という写真集です。

go itami /photocopy
8,200 yen(tax-out)
number of pages: 136
number of pictures:68
type of printing: offset
format: hardcover
size: 265x 370 mm
edition : 1000
design: shin akiyama + atushi kurosaki/edition.nord


※ cover band is 5 colors expansion / 1000 editions each the
arrangement of photos is a different specification.

(the contents of the picture are all the same)
※ This book will be specially designed to open vertically.

※カバー帯は5色展開/1000 部写真の並びが構成が異なる仕様です。
( 写真の内容はすべて同じになります)


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